lørdag 10. mai 2014

I was there

I love to drive my car every season, summer, rain or winterstorm. Never mind. The nature is always beautiful and there is new horizons to see beyond every curve.

For sale on my Epla shop http://www.epla.no/shops/2sisters/


I love to knit shawls. _ I love to mix the colors.

The scarf is from Ravelry.

mandag 17. september 2012

Redesigned coat

This coat is made from a "womans suit" combined with cord and decorated. The collar is handknitted.

onsdag 25. juli 2012

Redesigned coat and mittens in my own design

The first picture shows a jacket and a coat I have redesigned. The jacket is made of handmade material from the 70`s, and the coat is made from velvet curtans. I have knitted the decoration. The mittens is my own design and I sell them from my homepage http://2sisters.no. They are made of wool. Price is 250 Nkr.

tirsdag 19. mai 2009


Jane Thornleys roving moss cardigan is finished.

Rust, sand and stone

Rust, sand and stone give inspiration to this colorchoise for another Jane Thornley cardigan I like to call "Shoreline".